Food Forests for Schools

Diagram of a Banana Circle

An integral part of The Education Fund Food Forests is providing a composting system that is accomplished via Banana Circles. 

Multiple years of testing on school grounds show that Banana Circles are productive composting and food production systems that are easy to install. They can be installed as part of a Food Forest or as a stand-alone composting system. They are sustainable, prolific, and require minimal maintenance. A circle of banana trees with a central pit provides the most efficient composting system known to society. As a bonus, they produce an abundance of bananas and plantains out of the constant flow of organic matter from landscaping maintenance.

Banana plants tolerate heavy amounts of precipitation, so they are ideal for the tropical climate. They even reduce flooding in surrounding areas. With strategic placement, the plants beautify the outdoor space. They provide shade with an easily manageable canopy since the carefully selected plants will not grow past 15 feet in height. These crops will continue producing a variety of bananas and plantains for school students and personnel for years to come. The Education Fund Food Forest for Schools programming provides soil and other related lessons for students to learn the science of composting. Thus, Banana Circles are one of Mother Nature’s gifts that keep on giving.

Soil Health modules for Banana Circles: